Thursday, January 22, 2009

Buzzbait Lures


Buzzbaits are one of the best baits for a fun catch. The bass will literally attack them out of no where. A good one for the bigger bass too.

- Very productive, especially in late spring at the end of the spawn.

- Good for fishing alot of water in a short time.

-Buzzbaits are great over weedbeds, and around alot of cover in shallows.

-Its a good idea to let your buzzbait bump into things like logs and other cover. That gets the bass more excited.

-They are also a great night time bait since the bass will be in shallow water at night and the noise of the buzzbait helps them easily find the lure.

- I suggest using this to find pools of bass and then slow down with something more discrete, so not to scare all the fish off.

- You might catch more fish if you attach a plastic shad body to the hook. To the fish it looks like a meal with all the commotion. It looks like a fish fluttering away in a panic. Thats really all they see. The blades become invisible during spinning on the top of the water.

- I use a 1/2 ounce buzzbait if the water is choppy or even a 3/4 ounce.

- A 1/4 ounce if the bass are smaller and or the water is calm.

-You might want to go to 1/2 ounce to be able to cast farther.

-I use a lighter buzzbait if I want to fish the buzzbait a little slower otherwise my lure sinks easier. It's a good idea to switch to a double bladed buzzbait for fishing slower too.

-You want to keep the rod tip high to keep the buzzbait on top.

-You want to start reeling the line in just before the buzzbait hits the water.

-Alot of people miss the fish because they try to set the hook too soon and take the buzzbait or any top water bait right out of the bass's mouth.

-So, I recommend waiting to set the hook untill after the initial strike when you feel the fish take your line. If your still having problems you can throw on a "stinger" hook behind the initial hook to increase chances of hooking the largemouth.

-Spring and fall are great for buzzbaits but in summer the best times are around dawn and dusk.

-There's different types of buzzbaits, for example.. regular buzzbaits, clackers, double bladed buzzbaits, inline buzzbaits, buzzbaits without skirts and some kind of baitfish on it instead etc...

Choosing your Buzzbait's color :

-When the water is clear or barely stained use natural baitfish colors. Natural baitfish colors are great for getting the wiser, bigger largemouth too.

-When its cloudy out or the water is dark use dark colored buzzbaits. If those aren't working try bright colors.

-It's allways good to study up on a lake a little before fishing it. Pay attention to what's offered as far as baitfish. If the bass are feeding on bluegills try using a fire tiger skirt.

-When fishing buzzbaits, you want a reel with at least a 6:1 to keep that buzzbait right on the surface.

-I like to use either a medium rod or a medium-heavy rod. You want the tip to have some give though.

-Monofilament line is my preferred line for buzzbaits because of the extra stretch it offers. Monofilament line is also a good line for top water lures all around in my book.

- Inside that link you can pick many different lb. test line strength. Theres also some other great products down at the bottom of that page that are recommended.

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