Saturday, January 17, 2009

Largemouth lures

At one point allmost every bait used has probably caught a bass. Manufacturers and fishermen classify bass lures by the depth at which they are most effectively used - top-water, mid-water and deep-running.

Top Water largemouth Bass lures :

My favorites are buzzbaits and Arbogast Hula Poppers, and Arbogast Jitterbugs.

-Very productive, especially in late spring at the end of the spawn.

- Good for fishing alot of water in a short time.

-Good for largemouth bass, smallmouth bass and northern pike.

The Jitterbug 1/4oz. Fishing Lure one of the best night fishing lures for bass. Its also good for day fishing. This lure is most productive with bass, northern pike, muskie and panfish.

Mid-Water Largemouth Bass lures :

Some of my favorites are crankbaits, spoons, and plugs. Particularlly the
Rebel Crawfish. Now, you've got shallow and deep diving crankbaits.

Deep-running Largemouth Bass lures :

A great lure allmost all times of the year(off the deep side of weedbeds, straight out from points, etc...) is a dark colored lead-headed jig with a pork frog attatched to that. The jig should have a skirt on it. Its especially productive in early spring and fall. I like to cast it towards shore and hop it out to a drop off and let it flutter over a drop off. Deep diving crankbaits, and spinners are also good.

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