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Spinnerbait Lures

Here is a great collection of spinnerbaits I like the selection on the page in the link and the one's on page 4 especially.

Be sure to check out the National Geographic video on the bottom!

Spinnerbait Lures :

Spinnerbaits look alot like a buzzbait except the big difference is the blade. Spinnerbaits have a different type of blade. There's also different types of spinnerbait blades. Spinnerbaits can be used right under the surface in shallow water, where the buzzbait is meant for top water only. Alot of people like spinnerbaits for shallow water but I prefer to just use a buzzbait or other top water baits. Otherwise I'll use an inline spinnerbait.

Inline spinnerbaits - are great, especially if your from the mid-west like me and come across alot of vegetation. They are more weedless. They are great for fishing in shallow water.

Types of Spinnerbait Blades / Picking size and color of spinnerbait along with the type :

Willow leaf blade spinnerbait - When the water is clear, and on sunny days I like to use chartreuse skirt, or white baits. Silver is a good option also. It's a narrower blade. This design gives off a lot of flash, very little vibration and little lift. I will use a smaller spinnerbait probably less than 1/2 ounce in clear water. Even if the water is clear at night from the moon. The willow leaf blades spin the fastest and have little lift. They are best for deeper water thats relatively clear. I will also use a larger spinnerbait. Either 1/2 ounce or 3/4 ounce. When I'm fishing deeper water, say if I'm casting to about 20 feet of water and off the backside of a weedbed I'll let it go to the bottom. My favorite way to retrieve my spinnerbait in this case would be to bounce it off the bottom untill retrieved, or reel it in pretty slow hopefully bumping any cover that might be down there. When your bouncing it off the bottom you'll often get strikes when it's falling back down. You can also go up to the spot and try bouncing it off the bottom vertical too. The bigger the blade the slower you are able to retrieve.

note : this is 3/8 ounce and this is willow and colorado pictures.

note : same thing here. 1/4 ounce.

Willow leaf Blades look like this. As you can see you can have many different colors and some different styles to the blades.. I like just a plain silver or a brass colored one.

- You can use a double bladed willow leaf for even more flash. You may want to use a smaller spinnerbait in clear water.

The Colorado Blade - has alot of vibration is wider, and has good lift. This blade is the loudest. They're good for murky water. When fishing murky water, deep where it's dark, or at night use darker lures. This is good for cloud cover too.

Indiana Blade - This spinnerbait has flash and vibration. They spin quicker than a colorado blade, making more flash. I'd use these lures when I'm concentrating more on flash. The design of the Indiana blade makes it easier to go through vegetation. They have more of a teardrop look than the rounder colorado blade.

note : the indiana blades there the one's on the bottom of the picture.

Photo credit :

Some of the books I have listed on the left are from Kevin Vandam.

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