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Crankbait Lures


Crankbait Lures :

-There are many crankbait lures and designs. They generally look like some sort of bait fish or crawfish. There are "lipless" crankbaits. They are typically more productive in weed and rock structure.
Rock Creek Lures has some great crankbaits.

-Typically crankbaits for largemouth bass should be 2-5 inches.

-Crankbaits are one of the most life-like lures you can use.

-Fall is my favorite time to use crankbaits, especially shad and crawfish crankbaits.

-The bigger the lip on the crankbait is the deeper it will dive.

-I believe it's best to use heavier line (12-14lb. test) when using shallow running crankbaits, and lighter line (I use 8lb. test) for deep-running crankbaits.

-Alot of pros will use 20-25 lb. test when fishing shallow-running crankbaits.

-One important thing is you want to make sure that crankbait is running straight. (Fish don't drink alcohol!) Its good to test after getting snagged or catching a fish.

-Don't yank on the pole when getting snagged up. You don't want to set the hook. Let the slack out and see if it comes loose. If that doesn't work If you can get behind the snag and pull it out. That works good. If thats not working try doing quick jerks upwards, making the lure bounce around rather than yanking.

-I like to pause often while retrieving the crankbait, since it produces me more strikes.

-I also find it more productive to mainly retrieve the crankbait by pulling it in with the pole and reeling in the slack on the pause.

-Shallow-running crankbaits in summer are great.

-I have particularly caught alot of bass using the Rebel Crawfish.

"Chartreuse Crawfish 2-1/2"" 3/8 Oz. Bluegill, trout and bass fishing lures - Rebel ""Big Craw"" Crawfish. The Big Craw meets the demand for larger, deeper-runners and runs at depths of up to 10 feet. 2 1/2"" 3/8oz #4hks 6.35cm 11g. The ultra-light Rebel Crawfish is undoubtedly one of the most popular fishing lures in the world. Its small life-like profile entices and catches all sizes of game fish - especially bass, trout, and panfish. The versatile family of Rebel Lures Crawfish are quite possibly the most productive series of crankbaits ever made. Deep, shallow, suspending, cast, or trolled for virtually any freshwater species there's a Rebel Crawfish that's designed to get the job done."

-Its important to remember to pick your size of crankbait according to generally how big the bait fish are in your location. Bass will often stick to one size.

-You'll want several sizes of the same crankbait and make sure you have crankbaits that run at different depths and have different colors.

-It's a good idea to have some suspending crankbaits around that will stay at one depth when you stop reeling in.

-Some people like to use a wire snap. I like to just use a swivvle snap for connecting my crankbaits to the line. They are quick for changing out crankbaits for example, if you wanted to try a different size, depth or color.

Top water Crankbaits :

"You are looking at (1) Custom Top water "Bleeding Bait" plugs - Each lure is fitted with blood red hooks. You will not find these anywhere else! We had these custom built to our own specifications to give you a one of a kind lure! All have Rattle inserts for vibrating action. Search the term rockcreeklures to see our entire line here on Amazon." - Rock Creek Lures and Baits.

Shallow-running Crankbaits :

-Shallow diving crankbaits are either short-lipped crankbaits or lipless crankbaits.

Short-lipped crankbaits :

-Most only dive one to three feet.

-I recommend thin crankbaits with flat sides in cold water, and rounder crankbaits that wobble in warmer water.

-Some short-lipped crankbaits are long and skinny and some are short and fat.

-Short-lipped crankbaits float when stopped. They should be fished slow.

The exaggerated action of the jointed body allows a slower retrieve to trigger sluggish or finicky fish. Near neutral buoyancy, with a slight rise, provides a very natural "wounded-minnow" action.

Lipless Crankbaits :

-I like to use Rat-L-Trap lipless crankbaits.

-I recommend using lipless crankbaits in shallow water, with a fast retrieve.

-You can also let lipless crankbaits sink and fish for suspended bass.

-You can get ones that sink or float at rest. Most of them sink at rest.

-This one floats.

Much larger than the original Rat-L-Trap, this lure has a fish-calling sound and tight vibration when pulled through the water. The Super Trap is designed for large gamefish, both Fresh and saltwater.

Medium Divers or mid-water crankbaits :

-This bait dives 8-10 feet.

-medium divers go from about 5 to 12 feet deep.

Deep Diving Crankbaits :

These crankbaits can go down to 30 feet. They are most productive at 20 feet.

you can use deep diving lures for largemouth but I don't recommend it. I'd just stick to the jig & pig lures.

Thing to remember about crankbaits :

-The bigger the lip the deeper the crankbait will go.

-The lip just determines how deep the lure will go. Some float and when you reel it in, they go down to what the lip is set for.

-Some sink. The ones that sink will usually sink at a rate of one foot per second. So if you know how deep the bass are they're great.

-Some suspend, which means that they'll dive down when you retrive them but suspend at a certain depth.

-When picking your color and size of crankbait try to match what the body of water your fishing on has to offer as far as bait fish and such.

-Use natural colors in clear water and bright colors in dark water.

one more thing :

Bass Like Red!!

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